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COVID-19 Update

What BML is doing

BML has been active since the beginning of the crisis, helping tech teams pivot their technology towards COVID-19 applications, and volunteering to help clinical, technology and research partners navigate all the activity in the sector.

We remain committed to serving the ecosystem, and to working together on solutions for patients, healthcare workers, and the general public.

Last Updated: Mar 2, 2021

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There is work to be done beyond the current crisis

COVID-19 Emergency Digital Health Task Force

BML has assembled a task force of professionals from within the digital health ecosystem, relying on the dedication of our staff and partners to collaborate and solve problems using a common approach. We are offering Q&A, advice and short reviews at no charge, on the following topics:

  • PPE and medical ventilators
  • Wearable physiological monitoring
  • Symptom detection and tracking
  • AI in healthcare
  • Telemedicine
  • COVID-19 research proposals
  • Health Canada programs (MDEL, Interim Order)
  • FDA programs (Emergency Use Authorization – EUA)
  • Advice and mentoring for tech competitions
  • Call for project applications

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Let’s set up a call to discuss how BML and our partners can help you pivot your technology platform to COVID-19 applications, or if you simply need help with PPEs, medical ventilators, or clinical solutions to help with the crisis.

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COVID-19 Resource Center

We have compiled a list of news, articles and useful resources and we are adding to it daily.

FDA programs

COVID-19 news and information

Programs and resources

Tech contests and accelerator programs

Help get PPEs where they are needed most

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