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At the intersection of medical technology, clinical research and patient-centric healthcare, BML Health understands the challenges faced by technology companies, clinical organizations, and other stakeholders. Whether it’s moving into the field of digital health for the first time or seeking to bring new medical technology products to market, we can help.

Complex regulatory environments, multiple standards and certifications across convoluted markets, medical technology design for compliance, clinical application development and commercialization strategies, or even how to pivot from technology company to medical device manufacturer. These are just some of the challenges we help our clients manage successfully, one hurdle at a time.

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We work closely with our clients, fostering a working relationship and collaborating to navigate the complex stakeholder interactions necessary to get digital health solutions to market. With decades of experience and hundreds of successful client engagements across a wide spectrum of requirements, we have the understanding, knowledge and track record to help you achieve your objectives.

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We also take a special interest in digital health startups and provide mentoring, education and customized services to emerging firms in collaboration with government, investors, incubators and accelerators. The runway is long and cash burn is high; there isn’t a lot of room for mistakes. A customized strategy is needed.

We have keen insights into the pain points faced by digital health startups and how to address them with a lean and efficient process. Ours is an iterative approach to compliance based on local or international regulatory strategy best suited to their needs. We also love the intensity and enthusiasm of the startup scene, and believe that these firms are at the centre of the evolution of health care.

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We are active participants in North America’s health technology ecosystem and we partner with some of the leading health and medical research organizations in Canada, the US, and the world. We work closely with Health Canada and the FDA on a regular basis. These partnerships and relationships are invaluable for us to remain at the forefront of digital health and support our work with digital health technology stakeholders.

More recently we organized the COVID-19 Emergency Digital Health Task Force. A task force of digital health professionals, mostly from the core of the Montreal health tech and life sciences ecosystem, collaborating to solve problems and assist organizations as they scrambled to manage the effects of the pandemic.

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BML Health is your trusted partner and advisor addressing the challenges facing your digital health business. Our dedication to clearly understanding your goals and pain points, finding the best solutions and implementing them quickly and efficiently is our commitment to you.

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