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At the intersection of medical
technology, clinical research
and patient-centric healthcare

We manage the complex stakeholder interactions necessary to get
digital health solutions to market and gain adoption.


We help organizations develop digital health solutions to improve patient outcomes

BML Technology was founded out of passion for the emerging field of Digital Health to address the need for medical rigour and for multiple stakeholders to better collaborate to drive real clinical solutions.

We have deep experience and a vast network of trusted partners who are focused on improving health outcomes. BML harnesses the expertise of biomedical engineers, product specialists, medical device compliance experts, clinical researchers, and medical device key opinion leaders with decades of experience in digital health technology development and commercialization, clinical research and healthcare delivery.

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  • Medical device
    compliance experts

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Marc Saab, MEng

Founder and Managing Director

Marc is a talented and passionate business leader with 20 years’ experience in Medical Device, Digital Health and Consumer Wearable markets. His expertise is in all aspects of medical device and wearable product development from conception R&D to launch, clinical validation, and commercialization for international markets, including regulatory compliance and strategic business development.

Marc is an expert in biometrics and a thought leader on the technical aspects of digital health. He is a speaker on a variety of digital health topics, including product development, clinical application development and technology adoption. He also serves on the Medical Advisory Board of Alto Design, an award-winning industrial design firm in Montreal, and the Science Advisory Board of ABI Wellness, a unique brain injury recovery provider in Vancouver.

Marc holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Waterloo, with a major in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Biology, and a Master of Biomedical Engineering from McGill University and the Montreal Neurological Institute.

He currently lives in Montreal, Canada with his wife, two daughters and their two dogs.

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BML offers a full range of services to the digital health ecosystem. Whether you are a startup or an established company in need of technical help or clinical validation, a healthcare provider in search of the best tech to use in your clinical program, a research organization innovating ways to fill clinical gaps, or an investor group or other organization simply looking to cut through the noise. BML can help.

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